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Applications are strictly by email (Please do not phone)

Closes 14th September 2020

IT Software Programmer Internship / Part Time

Software programmer on Jobseeker or Graduate.

High level work experience available with Ruby Software Solutions and Infotech IT.

Don’t waste the economic down time, be prepared with good experience. We will be seeking full time employees in November 2020

Ruby Software Solutions / InfoTech - IT is a small  software development and marketing company, specialising in Estimating, On Screen Take-Off,  Project Tracking, and Service Work for the building and construction industry.

As the market leader in the plumbing industry, Ruby Software Solutions desire to expand their products to other segments within the building industry and specialised markets in other areas.

A position exists in our Oxley office (4075) for a person seeking high quality work experience in C++, Dotnet, SQL Server, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL and

Information related to our products are available at

To apply

Email <> (If you do not receive confirmation within two working days, please send again)

Subject 'IT Position'

Include as much detail as possible on yourself, qualifications, and any special requirements.