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The Sharp Estimator (a component of Contractor's Pack) has been designed and developed for accurately estimating the cost of construction work for residential, industrial, commercial, high rise buildings and tourist resort projects.

Winner of two "Asia Pacific Awards for Excellence in Building and Construction", over $5b in tenders are won on the Sharp Estimator per annum.


Price File Manager


Compare sub-contract prices Yes
Customer Management Yes Labour and Materials Yes
Standard Rates Estimating Yes Know your true cost / bottom line Yes
Per Point Estimating Yes Identify Cost - Prelims - Overheads Yes
Per Sq Metre Estimating Yes Know the profit before the tender is submitted Yes
Links with On Screen Take-Off Yes Adjust mark-ups and inflation Yes
Links with Project Tracking
Yes Final Summary Report Yes
Document Register
Yes Collection Report
Price File Add - Modify - Delete
Yes Produce BOQ Yes
Labour Rate Calculator
Yes Project & Material List Yes
Equipment Calculator Yes Sort by Priority or Due Date Yes
Set Best Buy / Cost Prices
Yes Update prices in seconds Yes
Electronic Price Updates
Yes Lay out is ready for Progress Claims
Standard Rates Library
Yes Track % won and lost
Accurate - Consistent
Yes Set up master estimates
Adjust labour by percentage
Yes Lay out estimate to suit your company
Find and replace products
Yes Set up master estimates Yes

  • Estimate with 'Unit Rates', 'Standard Rates', 'Square Metre Rates' or 'Per Point Rates'
  • Customise to your style of estimating, or let CavSoft show you a simple, easy to follow method, that will improve your accuracy and profits!
  • Simple to use

1. Price Book

  • Electronic supplier price files
  • Fastest product search - finds items as fast as you type.
  • Search by Description, Code or Category
  • Multiple 'Price Files' can be loaded
  • Five (5) price levels available
  • Set your true buy price
  • GST included or excluded prices
  • Add - Modify - Delete products
  • Fail-safe when deleting products
  • RateCalc - labour cost calculator
  • Equipment cost calculator



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2. Standard Rates

The most frequently asked question "Where does the secret to estimating lie?".

In the establishment of standard rates that will never have to be changed and only modified on a percentage basis related to the degree of difficulty of a project.

  • Use the example Standard Rates or build your own.
  • Materials and Labour at cost
  • Find and Replace product function
  • Adjust labour by percentage (+ or -)
  • Add - Modify - Copy - Delete
  • Update prices automatically in just a few minutes

Accurate - Consistent - Timesaving

3. The Estimate

'Standard Rates', 'Unit Rates', 'Square Metre Rates' or 'Per Point Rates'

  • Speed, accuracy and consistency
  • Unlimited customer database
  • Customised breakdowns by trade - areas - levels or buildings
  • Complete analysis of materials, labour (in hours and dollars) plant and equipment and subcontractors.
  • Find and Replace products for the project
  • Add special 'Project Prices' for labour, materials or equipment
  • Increase or decrease the labour time to suit the degree of difficulty
  • Update prices automatically (when the project does not proceed for some time)
  • Analysis of the actual costs
  • Price variations to the contract
  • Flexibility in the method of applying mark-ups
  • Sharp Estimator will identify if there will be a loss, before the tender is submitted


If you can use a computer and know a little about Windows, you can operate the Sharp Estimator.

Video training presentations are provided with audio. (Pay no extra for training)

The software has built in training. Questions to < This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it >

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