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For Building & Construction Projects

(not do and charge work)

In today's competitive market, business need to stack the odds in their favour. Estimating the project accurately is  major step to 'Running a Successful Trade Business.

It is equally as important to know how to manage the project. No! Not constructing it, as we are sure you can do that. BUT! Track each step to ensure a profit.

The principal focus of the seminar is to learn a company structure and an order of procedure as well as a consistent reporting system to measure performance. And in particular recognise and appreciate the signs of a project going wrong.

Too often the presenter sees tradespeople running a company, totally consumed in how the work is constructed and not paying attention to the progress and financial reports.  Both are important.

Too often the presenter see secretaries being expected to carry out bookkeeping and project tracking duties. This is fine, if they are trained. However there is an expectation that  because the secretary is a good typist, they should know and understand how to organise projects.

This Project Tracking seminar is your opportunity to have your staff heading in the same direction for the benefit of your business.

It is an opportunity to recognise the urgent need in the building & construction industry for 'Middle Managers' and to ensure the management reporting is accurate and consistent every month.

Would you prefer to know during construction if the project is making a profit. Or hope you make a profit at the end.

Would you prefer to collect the proportion of profits as the project proceeds, or wait till the end of the project. (Don't risk waiting till the project goes broke, it is too late)